(Pronounced Har-e-mon-dur Call-sa)


I started in California in 1949 as Margaret (Margie) Gaylard, was adopted at age 13 and renamed Meg Hagman.  In 1970 I was married and became Meg Keeler.  At age 35, I changed my name to Harimandir Khalsa to reflect and enhance a rather dramatic life-change from rudderless and self-destructive to directed and disciplined; a life-style that included vegetarianism, extreme yogic practices, and abstinence from alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drugs  Along the way I became a mother and grandmother, a sign painter and house painter, a muralist, a radio announcer, an ordained minister, waitress, licensed massage therapist and certified Kundalini yoga teacher.  I started drawing, coloring and painting very early on and in spite of my efforts to quit, never could.  After living in nearly every state south of the Mason-Dixon Line during the first 30 years of my life, I have maintained a home base and studio in the one traffic-light town of Melrose in north-central Florida since 1983.